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  • In the middle of nowhere
    I broke up with Him thinking life was going to be worth living.At long last, I have taken off the garment He gave me when we first met.I thought I have found a new life.A life full of enjoyment, fame, fun and excitement.This new man I fell in love with promised me the whole world.HeContinue reading “In the middle of nowhere”
  • Boomerang Kid
    The birth of a child is still the greatest miracle ever. In the sterile white environment of a hospital maternity ward with the smell of disinfectant like a strange new cologne. A new baby had been born. A blinking, winking,squirming little slice of love, wrapped in a blanket. I could only imagine like Kirk Franklin,Continue reading “Boomerang Kid”
  • MAN
    You portray different features in one fleeting moment-ManI gave you a place in my heart and you messed it up-ManI told you my secret and you used it against me-ManYou disregarded the promise and gave me the pain-ManI trusted you and you betrayed me-ManI thought you were my whole world but you used just oneContinue reading “MAN”
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